Sunday, May 27, 2007

My first crazy quilt hearts for SOH2

The dark purple above and dark green to the right don't photograph well, they are pure silk dupioni and are undershot with a contrasting color. The dragonfly wings above are sheer pale green silk organza ribbon.

The heart on the right shows my first button and bead trail. These hearts were stitched in December 2006 for the January 2007 Sharing Our Hearts 2 Swap in the CQforNewbies group. The colors are chosen from the recipient's favorites.
The heart at the top center is my third heart completed in January 2007 for the Feb 2007 swap. I love how my second button and bead trail turned out. I beaded a lace dragonfly motif and the flowers are silk ribbon embroidery. The recipient wanted unfinished edges. I can't believe I finally got these photos uploaded properly. It took many previous attempts and much frustration.

How time flies!

I can't believe I stitched this 20 years ago! Mom and Dad will celebrate their 60th anniversary in
September, Good Lord willing and the crick don't rise. They are keeping me very busy chaffeuring, shopping, doing paperwork and making phone calls. They are both stable right now but neither are well. We went to visit them Friday night and brought a few treats.

Friday, May 18, 2007

What Kind of Flower Are You?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

My friend Thelma from CQ4Newbies had this quiz on her blog. According to my quiz answers I am a snapdragon whose middle name is mischief, and first name is friend. I am also a prankster who loves to make people laugh. I'm not too sure about the prankster bit but I do love to make people laugh. I do try to be a good friend; unfortunately I don't always succeed.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back again

The packages I sent were overdue thank you gifts, get well gifts, stash enhancement swaps. I feel guilty that it took me so long to get them in the mail. I must continue preparing for the State Department Of Community Affairs multidwelling housing inspection next week. Wish I had more energy, fell asleeep after dinner. Need to find crazy quilted hearts I had finished for Sharing Our Hearts 2 swap, and those that are pieced but not embellished. DH stored them away as he tried to clean up for inspection. I am way behind in swap plus I owe Niki M a heart; I had it all finished except for spider. I miss the camaraderie of my yahoo groups and hope to be online soon with them. I have been reading posts the past few days but not posting really as I feel so quilty about being so behind in my commitments. I hope members will understand. I have received some wonderful personal emails from some members telling me to take time for me. Unfortunately my health insists I do. Their prayers are most appreciated.

Dad had good newsat the nurse practitioner, all of his bloodwork was improved. He did not get short of breath at all yesterday on our errands. He had no edema today. Mom must go to hospital for blood clot medicine injection Sat and Sun, I will drive on Sat. Sunday I take MIL out to dinner, and I am on duty for the RedCross and my phone does not work in the hospital. My sis is going to her MIL in Connecticutt. I called my brother Jeff and left message asking them to drive. Keeping my fingers crossed. Spoke to my eldest brother Doug in FL. Had a nice long chat.

Mom loved the gifts I made her for Mother's Day; a photo cube and a collection of greeting cards. Have not finished the Love You Mom Album I started at class last week at Scrappers Cove. I'm having trouble posting photos to blog. Have a few hearts to show and some papercrafts.

10 minutes to myself

I have ten minutes at the library, before my darling hubby picks me up to take Dad for prothrombin time then visit with the nurse practitioner. He is driving as I only got three hours sleep last night. I am PMS'ing with a headache and my knees are playing up. Tuesday Mom ended up in ER, spent 6 hours before my sis took over. Yesterday took Dad to LinensN'things, Kmart, Quest Labs, and then to a salad bar for lunch at a renovated diner. I had a spaghetti meal there with Mom and Dad 42 years ago, after getting a shot (I was 5). Being one of 5 kids, having them alone was a real treat. Dad and I had a nice visit yesterday. Mom is slowly getting better. Took 90 year old mom-in-law out for ice cream last night.
Today DH mailed packages for me to JK, Elizabeth, Lesa, Judyth, Linda, Elizabeth Q, Mary, Nancy on CQ for Newbies list. OOPS time's up

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life is hectic, but better

My Dad was admitted to hosp for CHF last Weds-Friday. He is home and doing ok, thank God. He had blood work today at MD's (then out to lunch and bank and drug store while Mom was at chemo with sis), and has more blood work at lab on Wed; then visit to nurse practitioner on Thursday. I will drive him to all of those. He will have the same Weds and Thursday appts every week in May and perhaps permanently to avoid hospitalization. He will also have Prothrombin time blood work to regulate coumadin dosage once or twice a week. He has been an inpatient 12 times in 11 months.
Mom is on chemo, and chemo(the steroids part) is making her nutty. We found out today she has a blood clot in her leg from overdoing it while ramped up on steroids and now has to go to hosp everyday for 5 days or longer! My sis will drive to those. But I have to go to their house and help with cooking, cleaning, and shopping.
I don't even do much at all of my own cooking, cleaning, and shopping due to my own health issues. I may need knee surgery, will find out on the 17th. I am also supposed to see my dentist weekly for the next several weeks. I need lots of work due to the drying side effects of the antiviral therapy I was on for 18 months ending in March. I see my gastro in July after bloodwork to determine if antivirals cleared Hepatitis C which I contracted in 1982 from a clotting factor transfusion. I am trying to avoid liver cancer or transplant. I see a therapist once or twice monthly and a nurse practitioner every 2 months.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rest in Peace Milissa M. Rauh

My Beloved sister-in-law, Milissa Maszer Rauh, lost her long courageous battle with cancer in March 2007. We miss her dearly. She was an incredibly special lady; an animal lover who had 2 Arabian horses, Raffi and Chieftain, as well as two Akitas, Panda Bear and Roo Girl. Milissa was very generous, fun-loving, had a great sense of humor, an incredible work ethic and is loved and missed by many; including her husband, George. I will be hosting a ThinkPink (ironically, her least favorite color) Scrapbooking Crop and donating prizes in her memory to benefit the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation during the last weekend in September 2007 at Scrappers Cove in Milltown, NJ. Thanks to Chris and Sue for allowing me to this.