Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life is hectic, but better

My Dad was admitted to hosp for CHF last Weds-Friday. He is home and doing ok, thank God. He had blood work today at MD's (then out to lunch and bank and drug store while Mom was at chemo with sis), and has more blood work at lab on Wed; then visit to nurse practitioner on Thursday. I will drive him to all of those. He will have the same Weds and Thursday appts every week in May and perhaps permanently to avoid hospitalization. He will also have Prothrombin time blood work to regulate coumadin dosage once or twice a week. He has been an inpatient 12 times in 11 months.
Mom is on chemo, and chemo(the steroids part) is making her nutty. We found out today she has a blood clot in her leg from overdoing it while ramped up on steroids and now has to go to hosp everyday for 5 days or longer! My sis will drive to those. But I have to go to their house and help with cooking, cleaning, and shopping.
I don't even do much at all of my own cooking, cleaning, and shopping due to my own health issues. I may need knee surgery, will find out on the 17th. I am also supposed to see my dentist weekly for the next several weeks. I need lots of work due to the drying side effects of the antiviral therapy I was on for 18 months ending in March. I see my gastro in July after bloodwork to determine if antivirals cleared Hepatitis C which I contracted in 1982 from a clotting factor transfusion. I am trying to avoid liver cancer or transplant. I see a therapist once or twice monthly and a nurse practitioner every 2 months.

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