Thursday, May 10, 2007

10 minutes to myself

I have ten minutes at the library, before my darling hubby picks me up to take Dad for prothrombin time then visit with the nurse practitioner. He is driving as I only got three hours sleep last night. I am PMS'ing with a headache and my knees are playing up. Tuesday Mom ended up in ER, spent 6 hours before my sis took over. Yesterday took Dad to LinensN'things, Kmart, Quest Labs, and then to a salad bar for lunch at a renovated diner. I had a spaghetti meal there with Mom and Dad 42 years ago, after getting a shot (I was 5). Being one of 5 kids, having them alone was a real treat. Dad and I had a nice visit yesterday. Mom is slowly getting better. Took 90 year old mom-in-law out for ice cream last night.
Today DH mailed packages for me to JK, Elizabeth, Lesa, Judyth, Linda, Elizabeth Q, Mary, Nancy on CQ for Newbies list. OOPS time's up

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