Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back again

The packages I sent were overdue thank you gifts, get well gifts, stash enhancement swaps. I feel guilty that it took me so long to get them in the mail. I must continue preparing for the State Department Of Community Affairs multidwelling housing inspection next week. Wish I had more energy, fell asleeep after dinner. Need to find crazy quilted hearts I had finished for Sharing Our Hearts 2 swap, and those that are pieced but not embellished. DH stored them away as he tried to clean up for inspection. I am way behind in swap plus I owe Niki M a heart; I had it all finished except for spider. I miss the camaraderie of my yahoo groups and hope to be online soon with them. I have been reading posts the past few days but not posting really as I feel so quilty about being so behind in my commitments. I hope members will understand. I have received some wonderful personal emails from some members telling me to take time for me. Unfortunately my health insists I do. Their prayers are most appreciated.

Dad had good newsat the nurse practitioner, all of his bloodwork was improved. He did not get short of breath at all yesterday on our errands. He had no edema today. Mom must go to hospital for blood clot medicine injection Sat and Sun, I will drive on Sat. Sunday I take MIL out to dinner, and I am on duty for the RedCross and my phone does not work in the hospital. My sis is going to her MIL in Connecticutt. I called my brother Jeff and left message asking them to drive. Keeping my fingers crossed. Spoke to my eldest brother Doug in FL. Had a nice long chat.

Mom loved the gifts I made her for Mother's Day; a photo cube and a collection of greeting cards. Have not finished the Love You Mom Album I started at class last week at Scrappers Cove. I'm having trouble posting photos to blog. Have a few hearts to show and some papercrafts.


Ati. Norway. said...

Dear Marianne, I am glad you are posting again after this difficult months. Take care, my thoughts have been-and are-with you....

Marianne said...

Thanks so much Ati