Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yes, I'm still Alive

My life blew up! Mom's lymphoma is back; she's responding to chemo thank god, I take her to oncologist next week. Dad was hospitalized 10 times this summer and fall. He is very weak and has fallen and cut himself several times lately. He is holding his own and keeps fighting. We took Toby to the groomer last week and went out to lunch. It was sunny and unseasonably warm. We had a good day together. That evening I took a paper craft class to alter several desk accessories at Scrapper's Cove by Leslie Chang, a great instructor. I had female surgery, all is well. Friday I saw my liver doctor I finish antiviral therapy For chronic HCV in mid-March. Yahoo!!!!! My blood work was all good. He said I should feel better by May. I am praying for more stamina and strength to be able to help my folks and mom-in-law, Grace more. Grace will be 90 on March 5, we will have a party for her, Good Lord willing. She is in good health but tires more easily. I took a scrapbooking class at Scrapper's Cove on Sunday with the talented Jen Starr of Ranger Industries, she is designing her own line of paper for Szage. She has even taught in Holland. It was a very fun class that included doodling and painting with paint dabbers. I have been making pages for the album we made. Yesterday Bill mailed out 3 packages for the Birthday Group 2 swap, which were long overdue due to my life exploding as it were. I spent 3 days gathering up the silks and satins, laces, ribbons, buttons, beads, charms , siggies, etc. for the stuffed squishie bags, and made one for the swap hostess, Rebecca, whose husband's unit all made it home safe from Iraq. I was on duty Sunday and again today for the American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services, I'll do so again every Tuesday and on New Year's Eve. I have done this since our troops went to Iraq and did it for Desert Storm also.
It is a small thing to do to support our troops and their loved ones.

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Gerry said...

Good to have you back!