Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grief is not for sissies

I can't believe that in May 2010, my beloved Mom, Mabel S. Squire, will be gone for a year; and one month later, my precious Dad will have been gone for two years. I was so lost in grief, I never blogged abut my Mom's passing. Later this month my wonderful sister-in-law, Milissa Maszer Rauh, will be gone from us for 3 years; she was taken from us much too young.
My Mom taught me so much, as did my Dad. I miss them both very much. My Mom could really drive me crazy sometimes, probably because we were too much alike. As my Dad would say "The nuts don't fall too far from the tree." somedays I still just want to talk to her or show her some craft piece I've completed. She loved seeing my work, she taught me so many different crafts through early childhood and as my girl scout leader. Our last crafting together was my making Christmas cards for her to send, she designed them while I made them as her tremor was too advanced to make them herself. Rest in Peace, Mommy...

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Lesley said...

Hello Marianne. It's 1.30am here, and I'm not a bit sleepy. I just wanted to ask you not to be too sad. Remember the happy days you had with your Mum and Dad. It seems that we were both blessed with loving, sweet parents. My Dad died in 1974 and my Mum in 2000. I have vivid dreams about them, which can be a great comfort, although, in them, Mum is always complaining that the tea I've made is too strong. It's just like old times! Take care my friend. There is nothing wrong with grief unless it makes you forget that they haven't gone very far away. We only have to reach out to touch them. Keep on believing. Blessings, your friend Lesley