Sunday, September 03, 2006

First post

Thanks to my yahoo group, CQfor Newbies; I'm learning to blog and hopefully to upload photos of my craft work. This group is composed of really wonderful, generous, funny ladies and through it I am learning the Victorian Art of Crazy Quilting and rediscovering and learning more Silk Ribbon Embroidery and Beaded Embellishment. Thanks to Lesa and JK for providing this forum. I joined the group in July 2006, and it has helped me through some difficult times; especially the loss of our little angel, Tigger. Tigger was 18 years and 10 months old and owned us for all but his first 8 weeks. He was a wonderful companion who clung to me and comforted me whenever I didn't feel well. He is sorely missed. My friends at Scrappers Cove scrapbook shop in Milltown, NJ and taking fun classes there have also helped me cope. Thanks to Chris, Sue, and Pat. This photo of Tigger and I was taken on July 1, 2006, he passed away on August 10.


Rainegade said...

You are off to a great start! Keep up the posting and I will be back to view the pictures!

Another CQN member

Charlene said...

There you go - now you'll think of lots of things to post. Let's see some of those pretty pictures??